Short Stories for Rift bloodlines

Draft 2 of all the short stories for Rift Bloodlines are done! I’ve added a page to show my pretty new covers for them, and their titles.

Origin Short Stories for Rift Bloodlines

When I was writing the Rift Bloodlines series, I was struggling a bit with motivations around the characters’ wounds and how it stopped them from wanting to connect to with their mates. To try to help me cement it in my mind, I decided to write some short stories from the characters around those wounds/origins. I learned quickly the reason I was struggling was because I didn’t understand their wounds anywhere near enough. Now I have finished draft 2 of all of them, I have a great foundation to get into the book’s edits.

Each couple has a story – so far there are 3 books, which means 6 couples stories. Additionally, the main character from the Pack for book 4 has an origin story (this will come later when book 4 is ready), and there is also an undying secret that books 3’s MC didn’t know until the end, so I wrote this out as a short story on its own. It will likly be a bonus with book 3’s shorts.

Each couple will be bundled together in their own short novella, and I’ll put them out through story origin once I have the pre-order links for the main book ready. Check out the covers, and the initial story description for book 1 here.

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