Ride the Rainbow – hard earned progress

The work over the weekend on Ride the Rainbow was tough. The characters and plots changed as I was running into the ending and what I thought would be a minor change snowballed. The whole ending didn’t change, not exactly, it was just why it was happening, and who was involved.

It made writing hard, and less fun than normal. By the end of Saturday, I felt like I had been pulling teeth. I went into Sunday feeling the same, so instead of writing I replotted and did world building with some of the methods I learned in HTRYN and came up with this very cool series of events that I love. As a result, my hard ‘drawing teeth’ became pleased ‘floating on air’ by the end of Sunday as I wrote out a few new scenes.

I left writing for the day on that feeling rather than pushing to complete the target. That way I can go into the Monday with the same feeling when writing. It was the hardest I have found writing since getting back to it in November. It reminded me to keep a hold of the good feelings, and try and not focus on the hard ones. Sometimes writing will be hard, but there are a lot more fun moments.

This story is so very close to its end now, and I expect I will be done this week. I’m over 43k written, and I expect it will come out maybe around the 50k-55k mark by the end of this draft. Once I am finished, I will let it sit a week, then restart HTRYN again.

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