Copy edits back for Rift Bloodlines book 1 – buried by Earth

I have the Copy edits back for Rift Bloodlines Book 1 – Buried by Earth…. and I have finished reviewing them. For some reason, I’d thought this process would take a few weeks, but it didn’t – which is a nice change to over estimate 😉.

I learned that I clearly don’t understand commas, and sentence that use a clarifier of ‘which’ should not be its own sentence. There were a number of other things I got wrong, but this will hopefully help me target the areas where I have problems and try to fix them.

Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words.

― Mark Twain

Now the edits are done, it’s time to see what it looks like in print! I have ordered a proof copy from Draft 2 Digital, not sure how long it’s going to take to come in, but I can’t wait to see the physical copy. I’ll read through that version and proof it and then see if I need to hire a proofreader as well.

I’m so close to being ready with this book and it’s hard for me to be patient but the plan is that it won’t be out until book 2 and 3 are ready to go too, so probably end of the year, or early next year. But I think I will be putting this up for pre-order once it’s ready (and I’ve done the maths on timings for getting book 2 and 3 ready). I can’t wait to see what people think about this one, but I’m also a little terrified lol.

Once I get the proof, I’ll share the photo, along with a celebration present I bought myself.

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