Weeks 16+17 progress – Broken Sight

Weeks 16+17

Weeks 16+17 was mostly Broken Sight. It was a little slow the first week, but the second week I was away with work and productivity ground to a halt for various reasons. Though I will say the break was nice, and Stationeers is an addictive game.

I’ve made it to nearly the ¾ mark of Death and Visions book 2 and it’s going great. A few changes are going to be needed, but the logic is matching up to all the rest of what I’ve done, and it’s all flowing together, which is the main thing.

 What did I get done in week 16+17?

  • Continue edit of Broken Sight.
  • Beta edit for a friend’s novel.

What’s coming next week?

  • Continue edit of Broken Sight.
  • Release of Battered by Storms

I’m going to shift these updates to fortnightly or monthly while there are just the same updates on progress.

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