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Recently Released Books

Battered by Storms

The Highland Rift Pack B3

Released 3rd May

Staci’s storm magic has always set her apart from the rest of the town, but she’s always had her mum. Until now. With her mother’s mind and health in decline, Staci faces the prospect of a life of isolation.

Oliver’s family has always told him that he’ll never amount to anything, but now he’s an Alpha with a pack of his own. But not for long. At the end of his year at the Highland Rift Scar, he must give them both up, even if he has more than one reason to stay.

When a dangerous storm hits the town, Staci’s magic fails her, and only Oliver can protect her from the destructive force trying to drain her magic. As the storm finally dissipates, Staci is blamed for the storm’s creation, and Oliver is faced with an impossible choice that could put everyone he loves in danger.

Can Oliver find a way to keep Staci safe and protect his pack, or will forces beyond their control tear them apart?

Join Staci and Oliver in this thrilling paranormal romance novel as they weather the storm and find a way to be together. Will they be able to withstand the storm and find a way to be together, or will they be torn apart forever? Find out in the third book of the Highland Rift Pack Paranormal Romance Series.

Bitten by Frost

The Highland Rift Pack B2

Released 8th March

Amelia’s Pack sent her north as a punishment for rejecting the Alpha’s son as her mate. But for the first time, she feels free. Now, she’s never going to let anyone close, not even the frustrating scientist who’s testing her patience and self-control.

For years, Mitchel has hidden his Frost magic, protecting his family’s reputation. But when he goes north to investigate why the Highland Rift Scar has shrunk, the cold is making his magic slip. Or maybe it’s just the stubborn Shifter who is assigned as his escort.

As their investigation turns into a rescue mission, Amelia gets injured, and Mitchel finds himself on the edge of losing control of his magic. To give them a chance to heal, the Alpha benches the pair, but it’s not long before more trouble arises, and only the two of them are left to help.

When Mitchel has already lost control once, and Amelia can barely stand, will they be able to learn to work together? Or will this new threat tear them apart?

Filled with suspense and romance, Bitten by Frost is a thrilling paranormal romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoyed the first book in the series, Buried by Earth, then you’ll be sure to love what this book has to offer.

Buried by Earth

The Highland Rift Pack B1

Released 5th January

Sam has spent the last decade hiding her magic. If anyone found out she was an Earth Elemental, she would lose everything, including the land that relied on her.

Hale has been the Highland Rift Pack Alpha for the last seven years, and his priorities are his pack, the rangers, and keeping the Highland Rift Scar monsters in check.

When a full moon hunt ends with Hale stung by a Rift scorpion and stuck as a wolf, Sam is forced to allow him to stay on her land. Something her land is ecstatic about. Her, not so much.

Though she tries to avoid him, it’s not long before another attack puts Hale’s life in the balance. Sam is left with a difficult decision: keep her secret and lose Hale, or risk everything and use her magic to save him.

Can Sam and Hale trust each other, or will their mistrust bury them? Find out in this enthralling paranormal romance novel, Buried by Earth, the first in the Highland Rift Pack series.