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Recently Released Books

Hope and Lies

The Highland Rift Pack Shorts

Released 1st September – Free with Newsletter

The Lies that Blind
All Sam wants to do is help her dad, but everything has a price, and this help might be more than she can bear.
The Lies that Blind is a prequel short that gives a sneak peek into Sam’s past.
The Hope that Binds
All Hale wants to do is make his mum happy and remain human, but fate has other ideas, leaving his mum with a choice. Accept Hale as he is, or abandon him.
The Hope that Blinds is a prequel short that gives a sneak peek into Hale’s past.
Be warned, these short stories don’t have a happy ending, but rest assured, their chance of ‘happily ever after’ is coming in book 1 of the Rift Bloodlines series, Buried by Earth.

Buried by Earth

The Highland Rift Pack

Released 5th January

For the past decade, Sam has kept her magical abilities a secret, fearing the consequences of revealing her powers. Her parents have already paid the ultimate price for finding out about her magic, and she can’t bear to lose anyone else. So, despite her attraction to the handsome Alpha, Hale, Sam knows that she can never risk more than just admiring him from afar.

As Alpha and Rift Warden, Hale’s priorities are to protect his pack, prevent anything from escaping the Highland Rift Scar, and keep non-Shifters at a distance. Of course, that would be easier if being close to Sam didn’t feel like coming home for the first time in years. 

However, when a full moon hunt ends with Hale poisoned and unable to shift back to his human form, Sam is left with a difficult decision – reveal her secret and potentially lose everything, or risk it all to save him.

Can Sam and Hale trust each other enough to overcome their past and survive, or will their secrets bury them? Find out in this enthralling paranormal romance novel, Buried by Earth, the first in the Highland Rift Pack series.

The Life and Chaos of a Retired Old God

Released 1st April 2023

Being retired was supposed to be easy. No drama, no family, no problems. Considering Ernie is a god, he should’ve known better.

In this collection of short stories, Ernie struggles to live a quiet life as Death loses his scythe, a genie wants a holiday and Ernie’s family keeps dropping in.

Then there’s Ragnarok. Because who doesn’t need an end of the world event to keep things calm and quiet?

But it doesn’t stop there. This collection contains a brand new bonus short story where Ernie is asked to mediate a feud between Dragons. With tensions running high, maybe the poker game hadn’t been the best idea.

Also included in this collection are a series of flash fictions originally published on my blog. Follow Ernie as he deals with cupid shooting the wrong person, Wererabbits for April fools, Santa stuck in the chimney and what happens to snowmen when the weather changes.

The Life and Chaos of a Retired Old God is a collection of humorous short stories where Ernie learns that quiet is the last thing he’s going to get.