The Life and Chaos of a Retired Old God – Now on Campfire

My short story collection is now on Campfire!

I have published The Life and Chaos of a Retired Old God on Campfire, with the extra character profiles and other world-building. You can pick up the entire package for $4.99, which means 48 worldbuilding elements and the entire collection of short stories. Or, if you just want to read the ebook, it is $3.99.

on Campfire

What is Campfire?

Campfire is a tool that I have used for world-building for years. It allows me, as a writer, to keep everything in one place. But now, it has expanded its reach and is allowing us to publish our work for readers and share those world-building items with you. As you read, you can unlock more world-building, depending on the author’s preferences. In my case, at the end of every short story, all the characters you haven’t met yet are revealed.

What’s included on Campfire for The Life and Chaos of a Retired Old God?

I’ve created character profiles for most of the characters that are seen through the short stories, as well as information on the gods, races, items and locations. On an aside note, going back to build these for you all to see has made me start thinking about all the ideas I had for this world. But one project at a time lol!

Check out an example below of how I built the genie.

Genie Profile on Campfire

Will I use Campfire for other books?

I have already started building the landing page for Book 1 of my Highland Rift Pack Series, Buried By Earth, so keep your eyes peeled for more info on that coming later this month.

You can view more details on this project on campfire –

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