Holiday Writing

This year while I was on holiday (16 days) I read 12 books, toasted myself a golden brown and wrote 6000 words – I also did go sight seeing round Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama, I wasn’t totally a recluse, just mostly.

I did some writing on the plane – this was a cramped, painful and unpleasant experience that always seems to be forgotten about a week after getting home. I have done it before and will do it again – and probable still forget until I start – just how awkward this is.

I got some words typed in the hotel – I was traveling with one other person so it was not all that long, or often, that I got the chance. But I made the most of the time I had without it becoming a burden.

Finally, while I was traveling home, I wrote at a cafe – in hindsight I should not have sat at a low table as this was also uncomfortable, but that I felt the pull to write, even tired as I was, surprised me.

What I did not do was write at the pool, or at the beach, which had been what I had original thought I would do. Two reasons for this, first I did not want to leave my iPad unattended when I went for a swim (or get it wet when I came out), and secondly, I couldn’t see the damn screen for the glare. Hindsight here – totally should have thought that one through and should have known better. Lesson learned.

Regardless, I managed 6000 words – 1 whole short story and the start of a second one. This is the only time I have managed to keep writing up in anyway while I was on holiday. Writing this post now (bar the jet lag tiredness) I am ready to get into editing, writing, working on my stories again. So, all in all it was a success.

Its going to all depend on who I am traveling with, and what is being done during the holiday (city break for example will not allow as much free time as a sun break) but I am very pleased with what I got done, what I am capable of doing.

So as I go into this weekend, I will editing my short story I wrote then getting into Ride the Rainbow.

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