Rebranding the Rift Bloodlines Series to Highland Rift Pack

Over the last week, I have rebranded my entire Rift Bloodlines series to Highland Rift Pack.

Why Rebrand to Highland Rift Pack?

I was on the edge of sleep last week, thinking about all the various plans for this particular series, and it occurred to me that I wanted to write some other characters in this world. But those characters weren’t shifters and weren’t part of the main arc that flows through the books I’ve written so far. But they are Rift bloodlines. So, if the Series was called Rift Bloodlines, what would I call the other series?

So the next day, the ideas all coalesced, and other thoughts intruded. What other names could I use? Immediately, I came up with Highland Rift Pack. It will give readers a sense that the series is about Shifters (hopefully) and is in the Highland (hopefully). The idea stuck with me. It seemed much more relevant than the previous series name, and it was perfect. Except rebranding is a lot of work, even though nothing is yet published.

But I couldn’t let go of the idea. So, the process began of changing everything. The covers and blurbs needed to be updated. Then, those updates needed to be added to all the resellers, the website, the newsletter, and the freebies. It was hours of work, and I now stand triumphant (hopefully).

Everything has now been changed, and I’m really happy with the new name, and all the new series I can build out of this word if I want to later!

Are the covers changing?

There aren’t any significant changes to the covers except for the series name, but this change gave me an excuse to create some combined artwork. 😉

Rebrand to Highland Rift Pack

Check out books 1 and 2 below

Buried By Earth

For the past decade, Sam has kept her magical abilities a secret, fearing the consequences of revealing her powers. Her parents have already paid the ultimate price for finding out about her magic, and she can’t bear to lose anyone else. So, despite her attraction to the handsome Alpha, Hale, Sam knows that she can never risk more than just admiring him from afar.

As Alpha and Rift Warden, Hale’s priorities are to protect his pack, prevent anything from escaping the Highland Rift Scar, and keep non-Shifters at a distance. Of course, that would be easier if being close to Sam didn’t feel like coming home for the first time in years. 

However, when a full moon hunt ends with Hale poisoned and unable to shift back to his human form, Sam is left with a difficult decision – reveal her secret and potentially lose everything, or risk it all to save him.

Can Sam and Hale trust each other enough to overcome their past and survive, or will their secrets bury them? Find out in this enthralling paranormal romance novel, Buried by Earth, the first in the Highland Rift Pack series.

Bitten By Frost

Amelia’s Pack sent her north as a punishment for rejecting the Alpha’s son as her mate. But for the first time, she feels free. Now, she’s never going to let anyone close, not even the frustrating scientist who’s testing her patience and self-control. 

For years, Mitchel has hidden his Frost magic, protecting his family’s reputation. But when he goes north to investigate why the Highland Rift Scar has shrunk, the cold is making his magic slip. Or maybe it’s just the stubborn Shifter who is assigned as his escort.

As their investigation turns into a rescue mission, Amelia gets injured, and Mitchel finds himself on the edge of losing control of his magic. To give them a chance to heal, the Alpha benches the pair, but it’s not long before more trouble arises, and only the two of them are left to help.

When Mitchel has already lost control once, and Amelia can barely stand, will they be able to learn to work together? Or will this new threat tear them apart?

Filled with suspense and romance, Bitten by Frost is a thrilling paranormal romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you enjoyed the first book in the series, Buried by Earth, you’ll be sure to love what this book offers. 

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