Finished Proof Edit of Book 1 + 2 of Rift Bloodlines

It’s done! I have finished the Proof edit of Books 1 and 2 of Rift Bloodlines (almost…). I bought Grammarly after I finished book 2 read aloud, so now I need to go back to book 1.

Rift Bloodlines 2

What did my proof edit of Rift Bloodlines 1 + 2 involve?

Each edit I’ve done has been slightly different, and this one is no exception. So what was my process for this edit?

Read aloud – Editing out clunky sentences and incorrect words.

Grammarly – I bought the year’s subscription and ran it through the whole of book 2 file. I should have done this first but didn’t have it when I did the read-aloud.

I now need to go back and do the same for book 1

Stats for Proof Edit of book 2

Book 1 will come in a separate post after I’ve done Grammarly


I didn’t estimate for this stage as I wasn’t sure how long it would take. My finger in the air was about two weeks, but that was before I added Grammarly edit, so it was longer than that.


  • ⌛ 16 sprints to complete Grammarly Edit
  • ⌛ 44 sprints to complete the read aloud
  • ⌛Total =60 * 25m sprints


  • 📖 Final word count after both is 88165


  • ⚡30 Hours writing
  • ⚡2.5 weeks (24 sprints per week)

So what’s next? Finding a copy editor, and then I get to go back to book 1 and do a Grammarly edit on that

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