Looking For Beta Readers for Book 1-3 Rift Bloodlines

Now I’ve finished Draft 2 of Battered by Storms I’m looking for Beta readers for books 1-3. Comment below if you’re interested and I will get links shared.

Book 1 is pretty far along edits, and has been through a copy editor. Book 2 is in draft 3, and I’m working on book 3 D3 now. Neither book 2 or 3 has been through an editor, so they will be rougher as I’m still hammering out the line issues. But before I do that I need someone to give me feedback on the overall story, and if it’s working.

What is this series about?

  • Genre – Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy (Shifters)
  • Length – 7k0-90k each
  • Each book is a couple getting together
  • Language – British English

Book 1 Blurb

When the full moon hunt ends with Hale poisoned and stuck as a wolf, Sam must choose between keeping her secret and losing Hale, or risking everything to save him.

Buried by Earth, the first book in the Rift Bloodlines Paranormal Romance Series. It follows Sam and Hale as they face hidden dangers, buried secrets, and a past full of betrayals.

Can Sam and Hale trust each other enough to survive, or will their past bury them? Find out in this captivating paranormal romance novel, Buried by Earth.

What is a beta reader?

A beta reader is a test reader of an unreleased work of literature or other writing (similar to beta testing in software), who gives honest feedback from the point of view of an average reader to the author. A beta reader provides advice and comments in the opinions of an average reader.

What sort of Feed Back am I looking For?

  • I’m looking to work with a few people who are honest, and can help me find where the story is broken.
  • I’m looking for people familiar with Paranormal Romance.
  • I often use the ABCD method – Each area you find that is Awesome, Bored, Confused you, Or you Didn’t believe, you mark with the letter, and if necessary a comment to say what worked/didn’t work for you.
  • Feedback Format – Story Origin preferred

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