Completed Draft 2 of Battered By Storms

Wohoo, another draft bites the dust. I have completed Draft 2 of Book 3 – Battered by Storms and its nearly ready for Beta. I broke a couple of things by the end of Draft 2 so it needs another a 3rd draft before I’ll torture anyone with it.

This edit went so much better than book 2 overall. I didn’t have any major oh shit, this isn’t working moments. Though part of the reason for the need for a 3rd draft is that I did end up with a character that wobbled all over the place. I couldn’t decide if I wanted him to be redeemed or not, and what the consequences of either choice were.

If I’d taken the time to figure it out earlier, I wouldn’t be needing to do quite so heavy an edit in places. Though, to be fair, Draft 1 was 31k, and Draft 2 was 74k, so over half of it was brand new. That meant it was always going to need a 3rd revision before going to beta.

For those who like some writing stats (hopefully I am not the only one) here are some stats on this draft.

  • ✏️ Wrote 517 words per sprint (estimated 500wps, so damned close)
  • ⌛ 144 x 25m Sprints (Estimated 140 sprints, again very close)
  • 📖 74448 words long (original estimate had been 70k)
  • ⚡ 72 Hours writing

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