2023 July Camp Nano – Draft 3 of Battered by Storms

The plan for 2023 July Camp Nano is to finish Battered by Storms Draft 3 for Camp nano, but it will depend on the length of the final revision. In theory, If I hit these averages its possible. But something could always go wrong.

  • Estimated word count between 75k-85k
  • Estimated words per sprint 700
  • Estimated Sprints 119 (will take me nearly to 83k on the Sprint math)

What is Camp Nano?

Camp Nano happens in April and July, and it is a challenge to write, edit, anything you want during that month. Its a self set target, unlike the November Novel Writing Month, which is a specific limit of 50k words minimum.

You can find out more here – https://nanowrimo.org/dashboard

Why do I do Nano?

Nano is no risk challenge. If you fail, nothing bad happens, no one is disappointed (except maybe you) that you didn’t make it over the finish line. I’ve won, and I’ve missed, and I’ve given up because something came up. But I find the target and word count a fun challenge to meet, and its not all the time that I have a project that lines up where I can write.

How do I keep on track?

  • Dedicate time to writing, don’t just hope you will find it. (I have my routine down for the most part already, so this is easy for me)
  • Track your word count, or page count. You can’t update Nano without numbers (again i already do this, and am a geek about it!)
  • Find writing on communities. Places Like Heart Breath Facebook offer live sprints where groups get to together to write, and help keep each other motivated.
  • Clean and Organise. Sounds silly, but cleaning and freshening yours workspace can help get you motivated to start and sit in your space.

There is so many other places that have fantastic advice, YouTube (author tube) is a great place to get more ideas.

Now its time to get writing! If your doing nano, drop me a friend invite – https://nanowrimo.org/participants/jemmaweir

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