August and Rift Bloodlines updates


Heatwaves, wildfires in England, and droughts. It’s like we are living in a real life Urban Fantasy world with none of the fun magic to go with the chaos.

Up in Scotland we seem to have escaped the worse of the English heatwave and associated problems, and for once I am grateful it’s as much as twenty degrees cooler here than down south.

It did get hot enough that a fan was needed, but it got used for two days, and now it’s too cold for it again…

Thankfully, none of this has stopped the progress on Book 1 edits, and they are progressing. If slower than I would like. Or at least the start was a bit slow. A lot of new content was needed, but I’m getting into the sections that I’m able to save a bunch of stuff, and it’s speeding up somewhat.

The Rift Bloodlines book 1 prequel short stories are out to beta and I have been playing with the cover for the pair. Here is a sneak peek of where I am at just now. There is still work to do, and the wolf needs to be stand out more – among other things – but it’s getting close.

I both hate and love this process of creating covers. When it works just like the image I had in my head, it’s great, and this was one of those times. When it doesn’t work, it becomes very much more like a chore.

These two stories are very much a companion piece, and both are quite sad. They are telling the story of why the characters are the way they are before they meet for the first time.

September is bringing a short little break to somewhere I have never been before, so I’m looking forward to that. Also, I’m hopefully sending out a call for Beta readers for Book 1, so if that’s something you’re interested in, keep yours eyes open for more information.

Don’t forget you can pick up In the Cards for Free still at most retailers, link below.


The game is rigged; the youth is just an illusion, and for Goddess’ sake, don’t drink the tea.

​Being retired was supposed to be easy. No drama, no family, no problems. Considering what he was, Ernie should have known better.

​A family visitor is the last thing Ernie wants. Especially one who wants to play matchmaker, despite not being able to keep her own love life on track.

​As the games begin, he knew he shouldn’t have shown her the poker table.

​The stakes have been raised, and the prize is a night as a young couple. But when only the couple can see the illusion, Ernie must keep them safe from themselves.

The only way to stop the games is for Ernie to reunite his cousin with her girlfriend. But he is starting to wonder who thought Lust was a deadly sin. Clearly, it should have been Love.

​Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins is a series of short stories that will make you laugh and Ernie cry.

​Draw a laugh, pick up this book today.

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