Holiday Writing

This year while I was on holiday (16 days) I read 12 books, toasted myself a golden brown and wrote 6000 words – I also did go sight seeing round Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama, I wasn’t totally a recluse, just mostly. I did some writing on the plane – this was a cramped, painful […]

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Over the weekend I finished editing a story that I will be sending to an anthology, its with my beta readers now. It’s a rather scary wait to see if I hit any of the marks on the story that I was aiming for. Sending it away had been harder than I had thought it

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Bullet Journal

I have been doing a lot of reading in and around writers forums, and listening to podcast, and I have come across the concept of a Bullet Journal. The idea of this stuck with me. I have never done anything like a journal, or diary consistently so I almost dismissed the idea completed without

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