Bullet Journal – Pages Designs

There are a lot of options for bullet journals. A lot of ideas, and its very easy to just get lost inside the beautiful world of images and designs and forget what the purpose of your bullet journal was.

I picked a pre-designed journal for my month/week spreads – which I both regret and am happy about. It was a less overwhelming introductions to BuJu but its also limiting. Thankfully at the back I have a lot of blank pages where I can create the trackers I want to use.

To try and keep the trackers focused I decided that I wanted to be able to track a handful of things over the year. Like, books read, where at a glance I can see the variety of books I have read in the year. I picked a simple design and added it to the back of my BuJu. I usually read about 30 books in a year, so as I read more I will expand down the shelves

Next I decided I wanted to look at weight loss. A goal that is always there on my goal list every year, never done, or abandoned. Visualising the loss will hopefully help me get focused, so I picked a spread that I can colour in as I go, and on the left a log of weight. I haven’t started this yet, after I return from holiday I will be getting into it. The number of rocks are a random choice, not a goal so I can add more if I need to. Each rock would be a pound lost.

Finally I have created a miles walked, for walking the dog, each paw print is 5 miles – I have a chihuahua so I have low expectations on this :D. This tracks only the walking, and I think I am going to do one for Cycling too, though I haven’t looked at it yet.

The ones I plan to do but have not done yet are:-

  • Cleaning – Getting on top of a regular weekly activities as well as those horrible longer term cleans that are monthly/yearly.
  • Routine – Working on spreading out the writing work over my free time so I can both edit and keep writing new stories.
  • Project tracker – This will track the progress of the revisions or new books/short stories I am working on. Hopefully an easy and fun way to look back at the end of the year and see what I managed to get done – Hopefully
  • Funding for the year – A way to track those one off costs like vets vaccination cost, insurance, etc

I will probably think of other things as I go, like a no spend month, but if I can keep it as tight and manageable as possible as I learn it hopefully I can create a useful process that will work for me without being a chore.

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