Busy Week – With a side of stress

The last few weeks has been something I never thought I would see. I had not wanted to post about Covid-19, there is so much everywhere about it that it’s almost the last thing I want to read, but also the first thing I look for when I unlock my phone. It has had such an impact on our lives that I can’t talk about anything without at least touching on it. Lockdowns, social distancing, people out of jobs, panic buying, it’s touching all parts of our lives.

I am doing my bit, I am staying home, and when I can’t, I am minimising the time I am out. I am also lucky; my job allows me to work from home. It has been busier than normal, and a lot of extra hours got put in to make sure people could keep working.

I have not got much writing done this week, In part because of the extra work, and in part because of the general feeling of unease in everything I have read, and from the people I speak too. It’s amazing how much that it affects writing, how draining it is.

I did get the short story Friction revision finished and submitted to the anthology. I also managed to write a short Flash fiction piece for the Holly Lisle Forums folk who are trying to put together some humours to lighten the day of those who read it. I got something done – at this point that’s a win.

I have also looked out the Trails of the Full Moon Novel, which I am 90% of the way through the revision on, and my writing group are getting to see this just now in pieces. It’s a lot further on than Ride the Rainbow, but I haven’t looked at it since 2017, which seems like a lifetime ago. I will start picking at it when I am not working on short stories.

Simi is recovering well; she is not chewing her bandage, but it is not staying on very well (Slowly slipping off until it looks like she has clown foot) regardless and she had to have to replaced early. It’s done it again, but its due Monday so hopefully will stay on until then. It must be there to support the pins while the bone heals, without it she risks bending them. So that’s adding to the stress. She seems not to care though.

Next week I am going to be starting into Second Sight revision (published short story I want to take through the Holly Lisle Short Story course) and back into Ride the Rainbow revision looking at characters, settings and conflicts. Hopefully I can post something from the characters etc next week as I get into the Revision again.

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