Week 5 progress – Blurred Lines going great

Week 5

Week 5 went great! I started on the read-through of Book 1, Blurred Lines, and I really enjoyed getting back to it. It was nearly done back in 2022 when I last looked at it, but I’ve learned a ton more since then, so I wasn’t sure how well that would go; it was nice to see it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting (besides the glaring grammar issues).

What did I get done in week 5?

  • I read through Blurred Lines, reviewed all beta comments, fixed some small things, and found and replaced glaring errors (like capital letters where they don’t belong)
  • I started Draft 5. This is the polish before it goes to a copy editor.

What’s coming next week?

  • COS Book 1 – Blurred Lines Beta Edit Continued
  • I’m not expecting to finish that, but just in case I do… Writing the prequel to this book will be my freebie for all of you.

I’ve also been sharing reviews for books 1 and 2, and this is one of my favourite lines so far…

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