Week 1 Progress – Battered by Storms Draft 4

Week 1

Week 1 has been challenging. After doing a read-through and edit on book 3 within a week, I thought I was there. But then I did the read-aloud and realised that it was still broken. Worse, this week, I found two plot holes.

The first plot hole was the romance couple’s break-up point. It was such a small thing but it made such an impact and meant I had to make a ton of tiny changes through chapters of the document.

The second plot hole was the magic system. The weather magic has fought me through every single draft. It didn’t want to line up with the story events, so I changed them, and then I changed the magic. But clearly, I still wasn’t done. Thanks goes to my writer’s groups who helped me workshop this through and hopefully fix it. As of today, I’ve finished going backwards to correct the blot holes, and I am back to chapter 17 tomorrow to get into fixing the scene that made me realise it was broken. Fingers crossed I’ve got it now.

I’d hoped this draft would take me 4 weeks, but tomorrow, I head into week 5 on this edit. I’m crossing my toes (since I ran out of fingers) that it won’t go past that, but once I’ve finished, I’m going to need to go back to the start and re-do the read-aloud due to the number of changes made just in case I’ve missed a bit that still has the old logic.

Thankfully, I’m still ahead of plan because I was quicker doing some stuff at the end of the year than I’d expected.

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