September updates and Rift Bloodlines book 1 Revision is done!

And another month whooshes by…

But I finished my fourth edit (yes, it’s been a lot) on Rift Bloodlines 1🥳. Buried by Earth went from 8k to 24k to 47k and now to 69k. One day, maybe, I will get it right on the first and second round… But… Here we are.

I’m really satisfied with how this came together and I’m working my way through a proofread to make sure I didn’t introduce anything new and crazy. Then I’ll be sending it out for Beta readers. Disaster withstanding, it will get one more edit and go out to a paid copy-editor. Maybe I’ll get it out into the world next year (when I have books two and three ready).

If you want to find out more, check out the cover and blurb below, along with the opportunity to join the Beta Reader team for this book.

And since that’s been entire month, I’m going to keep this newsletter short. Scroll down for details on a new book by Katherine Gilbert and a link to In the Cards, which is still out in the wild for free.

Rift Bloodlines Book 1 – Buried by Earth

With the pain of past betrayals burying you, how do you learn to trust?

Sam learned at a young age to only rely on herself. It’s safer that way. Because if anyone discovers she was an Earth Elemental, it would mean never having a home again. So, as much as the stunningly handsome Alpha might appeal to her, she can never risk more than just enjoying the view.

As Alpha, Hale has three priorities. Protect the Pack, stop anything escaping the Highland Rift Scar, and above all, never let anyone that’s not a Shifter get too close. Especially when he’d already seen how it had torn apart his own family. Of course, that would be easier if being close to Sam didn’t feel like coming home for the first time in years.

When the full moon hunt ends with Hale poisoned and stuck as a wolf, that distance becomes even harder to maintain. He soon discovers that someone is targeting the Pack, and by association, Sam. Something his wolf will not tolerate.

As the situation escalates, Sam is left with a hard choice. Keep her secret, and lose Hale. Or save him, and risk everything. But when her secret has already taken the lives of both her parents, that choice might not be in her hands.

Will they let the weight of their past betrayals bury them, or can they learn to trust each other? Find out in this first book in the Rift Bloodlines Paranormal Romance Series, Buried by Earth.

Free! In the Cards

The game is rigged; the youth is just an illusion, and for Goddess’ sake, don’t drink the tea.

​Being retired was supposed to be easy. No drama, no family, no problems. Considering what he was, Ernie should have known better.

​A family visitor is the last thing Ernie wants. Especially one who wants to play matchmaker, despite not being able to keep her own love life on track.

​As the games begin, he knew he shouldn’t have shown her the poker table.

​The stakes have been raised, and the prize is a night as a young couple. But when only the couple can see the illusion, Ernie must keep them safe from themselves.

The only way to stop the games is for Ernie to reunite his cousin with her girlfriend. But he is starting to wonder who thought Lust was a deadly sin. Clearly, it should have been Love.

​Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins is a series of short stories that will make you laugh and Ernie cry.

​Draw a laugh, pick up this book today.


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