NaNoWriMo Week 2 2022

Week 2 started a bit slow for word count, but by the end of the weekend, I managed to hit the target and more. Some of that (okay, most of that) is because I’ve hit the scenes I’ve been able to save. But as I get closer to the middle, it’s going to become more new words than editing first draft ones.

But I’m making progress, I’m ahead of the target, and I’m thrilled with what’s on the page.

  • Target – 21.5k🥳
  • Actual – 25.5k 🥳

Next week’s target is all the 3’s 33,333. Again, I’m trying to fit in some DYI stuff during the week, so I’m going to be happy if I just hit the target. But Ideally, If I can get another extra few thousands words on top, I might have a chance to finish this draft in November.

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