Finished Rift Bloodlines Book 2, Draft 2 (Bitten By Frost)

I got NaNoWriMo finished last week, and I was just shy of finishing Rift Bloodlines Book 2, but I made it over the line of Thursday. So book 2 Draft 2 is officially done! It’s not as clean as I was hoping, having gone from 35k to 71k long – though, to be fair, 15k of the first draft went straight in the bin (the salvage skip) so really it went from 20k to 71k. Draft 3 will come next year.

This is becoming a bit of a pattern with these books. The first book went from 24k odd to 47k to 72k. But that was back when I thought I was writing Novellas. Ha… Past me was neive. None of these are going to be novellas.

I also got the 3rd draft of the origin story for one of Book 1’s couples done over the weekend. These stories were written originally to figure out the characters’ past pain, so I understood as I wrote them why they were making the choices they made. Between the first 4 books short stories, I easily have another 40k of words, and it’s been incredibly helpful. Once they are tidied up, I will release them for free in pairs to give everyone a sneak peek of their past.

Next week is the rest of the shorts, and maybe even starting Beta edits on book 1.

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