Finished Draft 3 of Rift Bloodlines 3 – Battered by Storms

It’s done! I have finished Draft 3 of Rift Bloodlines 3 – Battered by Storms. This one took longer than expected, but not for the main edit itself. I did another review after I finished the main edit to make sure I’d got the changes I was making right. That Proof Read as I called it, took a lot longer than planned. The start of this book was the hardest part of the proof read, while the end was the hardest part of the main edit.

Battered by Storms - Rift Bloodlines 3

What did Draft 3 of Rift Bloodlines 3 involve?

Each edit I’ve done has been slightly different, and this one is no exception. So what was my process for this edit?

Main Edit – fixed major scene changes, additions, removal and plot changes

Proof Read – reviewed the changes to make sure I didn’t add any new problems, and fix a few minor issues I’d intruded.

In the end, it felt like I’d done two drafts back to back, but it was worth it, even if it did take longer. I still need to run it through Beta Readers, Editors, and format and review it again before I can publish it, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Stats for 3rd Draft of Rift Bloodlines Book 3


  • ✏️ 700 words per sprints
  • 📖 80,000 Est words long
  • ⌛ 115 x 25m Sprints + 22 sprints Planning
  • ⌚ 6 weeks (24 sprints per week)



  • ✏️ 858 words per sprint (Draft 3 Edit)
  • ✏️1512 words per sprint (Draft 3 Proof Read)


  • ⌛ 30 x 25m Sprints – Planning
  • ⌛100 x 25m Sprint – Draft 3 edit
  • ⌛59 x 25m Sprint – Proof read
  • ⌛Total =189 * 25m sprints


  • 📖 85741 words long (after Draft 3 Edit)
  • 📖 89215 words long (after Proof)


  • ⚡96 Hours writing
  • ⚡8 weeks (24 sprints per week)

So what’s next? I did 2 revision of this book back to back, which I don’t normally do, so now it’s time to let this book sit for a bit. I’ll be working on the prequel story to book one next, so watch this space for details on that freebie coming soon.

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