2023 Week 4 July Camp Nano ends in 85702

Week 4 July Camp Nano ends in 85702!

I hit my Nano goal on the 23rd, and on the 25th I finished the book. It came in at 85702. Before I can officially mark this draft as done, I need to double back fix chapter one, and a POV issue.

My writers group kindly reviewed the first chapter and gave some fantastic ideas on what was wrong and how I can fix it. So, after I got to the end, I went straight back into chapter 1, and fixed that. Then on the 28th I started on the broken POV. I think I have a solid plan on this too, and should finish early next week.

Next up, once I’ve finished the POV fix, I’ll class this draft 3 as done, and do a quick final proof read, then send to beta readers!

So close to done.

Check out my final score here – https://nanowrimo.org/participants/jemmaweir/projects/rb3-battered-by-storms-draft-3

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