Week 7 progress – Short Story fell apart!

Week 7

For week 7, I started the short story but ran into an issue with the plot. The good news is that I fixed it; the bad news was I lost half the words I’d written, and by the time I finished editing, what was left was probably a lot more than that. But it was better I found the issue now rather than at the end of the short story. I also got a little lost down a rabbit hole of Direct Sales, QR codes and Back Matter updates.

What did I get done in week 7?

  • Contact cover designer for Death and Visions Series! Scheduled for May
  • Starting to write Death and Visions prequel
  • Updated all links in books (More info on this coming soon)
  • Set up a direct ebook store (more info on this coming soon)

What’s coming next week?

  • Continuing to write Death and Visions prequel
  • Maybe the last short story for Highland Rift Pack Book 3 Prequel

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