Direct Ebooks and QR Codes

Direct Ebooks

This month, Story Origin (who I use to send my freebies) announced they partnered with Lemon Squeezy to distribute Direct Ebooks. This means you can now get the ebook file directly from me and cut out the middleman ebook store like Amazon. You can check out my store here –, or if you click on the book below, you will see a direct sale link. There doesn’t appear to be a pre-order option, so you will only see this link on books that are currently out.

QR Codes

I had hoped to add this link to my Book2read link collection that you normally see for my books, but there wasn’t an option. As a result, I decided to shift all my links from Book2read to my website. This meant I needed to update all my books back matter to point there. Because I had to make this change anyway, I also took the opportunity to create a QR code for the links and put them in there, too.

What is a QR Code

A QR Code is a picture that can be scanned with an app (or Camera) on your phone and take you directly to a web page. So rather than having to type in a long web link to find the next book in the series, you can take a quick snap of code, and it will take you right to all the places you can buy it.

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