Week 11 progress – Death & Visions Book 2

week 11

In week 11, I finally finished reading all the stories that form part of Book 2 of Death and Visions. Second Sight, Losing Sight, and Broken Sight are a collection of 3 stories from different points of views for the same series of events. This has been difficult because all three stories need to flow together. I’ve had to make some big changes through this, and I’d already altered how the world worked in book 1, so there’s a lot of work needed on this edit.

But the good news is I’m nearly done with this planning, and next week I will start on the actual edit. It’s probably going to take at least 6 weeks, if not more, to get through everything, then I’ll do the other books.

Overall, I am pleased with how this week went, and the changes I’ve made. But as always happens with these kinds of edits, when it comes time to actually write it, those ideas may not hold up, and more plotting changes may be needed.

 What did I get done in week 11?

  • Read through of Broken Sight.
  • Read through of Losing Sight.
  • Read Through of Second Sight (Short Story).
  • Plotting changes needed for this story collection.

What’s coming next week?

  • Finish the final plotting of changes needed for Broken Sight and Losing Sight.
  • Start the edit of Broken Sight, the main book.
  • Proof Edit of Book 3 Highland Rift Pack (Maybe).
  • ARC Copies of Book 3 (maybe).

As another quick reminder, I released Bitten by Frost last week. If you like Paranormal Romance, dystopian worlds, fated mates, shifters and action, then check out this series here.

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