Week 10 progress – Death & Visions Book 2

Week 10

I spent the start of Week 10 finalising the edits on the Highland Rift Pack prequel vol 3, and getting it published; you can download here if your part of my newsletter. Then I moved over to work on Death and Visions Book 2. This has been through 2 drafts, but since the first draft was 40k and the second draft was 93k, it was mostly first draft, and overall, it’s been pretty rough. But so far I’ve not seen anything that’s going to need me to tear it apart too badly, though I still have a few chapters to go.

On a publishing note, Bitten by Frost is out now!! Find out more here. Thank you to everyone who ordered this, and my ARC readers who’ve been leaving incredible reviews!

In Paperback news, I got Buried by Earth’s paperback published through Ingram Sparks and reduced the price by a few quid. This means the paperback will slowly be available for purchase in online stores globally. Bitten by Frost and the Life and Chaos of a Retired Old God will be next once the transfer is complete.

What did I get done in week 10?

  • Bitten by Frost is out!!
  • Final Edit of all Short prequels for Highland Rift Pack book 3
  • Started the review of Broken Sight

What’s coming next week?

  • Continue review of Broken Sight
  • Start the review of book 2.2 Death and Visions (Losing Sight)
  • ARC Copies of Book 3 (maybe)

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