TIME FOR CHANGE – The last Ernie Smith and the Seven Sins Story

All the completed Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins short stories are now out, but each of the Ernie stories has hinted at the end that something more was coming.

My intention had always been to release an 8th short story, but it has taken me longer to get this done than I had planned. (Partially because it is trying to threatening to be a lot longer than the others. It’s currently double the length, and I’m still editing it.)

Once this was finished, I then intended to release all 8 stories together, along with the flash fiction I’ve written about Ernie, and release it the middle of next year… However someone pointed out to me that anyone who has bought them all separate might want to pick up just the last one, rather than re-buying them all in a collection… Duh.

So I am going to release the 8th book separately! Then later in the year, I will release them all together.

This is the only Ernie story that ideally you would need to have read all the others first, because a there are going to be a lot of familiar faces in the last story!

Introducing Time for Change: the final story in the Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins series! But probably not the last Ernie Story ever.

Out the 1st April



How would you deal with the end of the world?

Being retired was supposed to be easy. No drama, no family, no problems. Considering what he was, Ernie should have known better.

All Ernie wants is one last drink before he faces his final battle, but his friends have other ideas, except their help is anything but helpful.

Ragnarok’s hourglass is broken, Ernie’s sword is getting a little close for comfort, and Heimdall won’t stop blowing the damned horn. But who cares as long as Ernie shows up for the final battle?

Except Ernie’s done playing nice, and he’s not taking another step until he gets the sand out of his shoes. But what happens when he’s not the only one reluctant to face the end?

Can Ernie survive long enough to ride into battle one last time? Or could there be another choice?

Time for Change is the last story in the Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins series. It will make you laugh and Ernie cry.

Join Ernie on what might be his last adventure by picking this book up today.

Find out more about the rest of the series here – Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins

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