2022 Goals and my word of the Year


My word of the year for 2022 is BALANCE!

This is the first time I’ve done a word of the year. It’s never been something I’ve felt inclined to do it before, but this year it felt different. It didn’t take me long to pick the word – Though, In truth, I decided to pick a word because this one spoke so strongly to me.

Last year I put so much focus on creating a writing habit, on getting words on the page, on making progress. But it meant I kept forgetting to make time for everything else, learning, fun, time to breathe. Time for family (Covid made this easy to put off).

I’m very proud of what I accomplished last year and I don’t want to lose the momentum, but I do need a better BALANCE. So, I am going to take that habit I created last year and balance it out with everything else. It’s a work in progress, but I’m feeding that into my goals!

Which leads me to…


At the end of last year I signed up for HB90 Planning course by Sarra Cannon. This course breaks down goals, projects and tasks into manageable pieces.

How is this working for me? Well, I’m glad you asked.

    • Planning by Quarter
        • This sounds so obvious, but for me, I’d never even thought about this before. It’s damn near life changing. A bite-sized, real time goal that you can change every quarter!
    • Work out how much time I have!
        • Because what we think we have time to do, and what we can actually do, are not the same thing. This method works out how much time you have FIRST, then you can start placing things into those blocks.
    • Learning from success and failure
        • So often I look at what didn’t work, not what did, this is forcing me to really think about it, see the whole picture.
    • Learning to trust the plan!

What does this looks like for me in Q1?

It’s all about finishing the Ernie series, and making progress on my other PNR and UF series. But there is a balance in there as well with my 3rd goal. I want to learn how to do Newsletters and Social Media better.

Main Q1 projects

    • Publish 8th Ernie – looking good!
    • Revise Book 1 Coalition of Seers – Looking good!
    • Send the COSB1 to Beta readers
    • Revise book 1 and 2 of Rift Bloodlines series.
    • Read Newsletter Ninja

Anyone else got their goals set for 2022 or has picked a work of the year?


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