Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins

I am incredibly happy to announce more details on my new series of short stories that I am releasing this year. Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins is a comedy fantasy series, based in a retirement home named Gard Village–Senior Living. The series can be read in any order, and follows Ernie as he tries, and usually fails, to lead a quiet life.

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I hope you will read and enjoy these books; I have certainly enjoyed writing them.

“Being retired was supposed to be easy. No drama, no family, no problems. Considering what he was, Ernie should have known better.”


Being retired was supposed to be easy. No drama, no family, no problems. Ernie should have known better than to piss off Death.

Death’s Scythe is missing, and he’s refusing to collect any more ghosts until Ernie gives it back.

There’s only one problem. Ernie didn’t steal it.

Unfortunately, Death’s Pride stops him from seeing any other answers. As the ghosts become a problem, Ernie has to choose: find the Scythe, or spend the rest of his retirement with people he couldn’t stand when they’d been alive.

With the ghosts in tow, Ernie starts at the one place in town that a thief might visit. The Rabid Rabbit. The brawl was not his fault.

Ernie Smith and the Seven Deadly Sins is a series of short stories that will make you laugh and Ernie cry.

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Why did I decide to publish them this way?

I had a few options about how I was going to release these stories.

  • Wait until the middle to later half of the year and release as one volume.

I didn’t want to wait that long to publish them all in one go. It seemed a lifetime away. And each story was individual. They stand by themselves whether you have read the rest of the series or not.

  • Release them on all platforms, one at a time, and in a rapid release.

The problem with this is that each story is short, half the length of the other short stories I have out, and I wanted the price to reflect the length. The cheapest prices I could put the books up for were 77p each.

There is also a surprisingly large amount of work that goes into getting even a short story published. By releasing them together in a rapid release, I would still need to wait until the middle of the year to release them.

  • Publish each story on Kindle Unlimited every six weeks, for as cheap as it would allow me.

Kindle Unlimited allows readers to pick up the book at no extra cost to read them. Spreading out the timeline to six weeks gives plenty of time to edit, beta edit, and edit again before they are released.

So now I had my plan.

I would release them individually, over the course of the year, six weeks apart. From the first release, it takes me up to Christmas with 8 releases. (No, I didn’t do my maths wrong, keep reading)

I plan on combining all seven stories at the end of the year for those who liked to have them together. I am not exactly sure what that will look like, maybe an 8th story (or more), I haven’t decided yet.

If you want to wait until they are all together to buy them, the plan is to release it on Christmas eve. Keep your eyes open for more info on this coming soon.

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