August Project Updates

This month has been busy all around, partly due to a few work commitments which meant I had to travel. Writing-wise, I have been bouncing between two projects, Wishing for Truths, my next standalone short story, and Earth Bound, which is a Paranormal Romance Novella. Both of these were existing published short stories that I have torn apart and put back together.

Wishing for Truths is a New Adult Urban Fantasy story about wishes gone wrong. It went from about 8k to 12k, and I am much happier with the story. Out of all my originally published stories, this is the one that I was able to save the most from. It is now out with my writer’s group for review, and I hope to start getting feedback for the final edits next month.

I will be doing a cover reveal on this soon, via my mailer list first, so if you want to see this cover before everyone else then join here.

Earth Bound is a Paranormal Romance about werewolves and how they are all that stands between humans and poisonous creatures that make it through the Rifts. Very little of it’s 6k original word count survived the revision, to the point where the title isn’t quite a good fit as it used to be. So I had to take a step back and really think about this project. It is now officially Renamed to Bound by Earth. It’s also at the beta readers stage.

Since both these projects are waiting on Beta reviews, I am just starting to work on Second Thoughts, which is the next Coalition of Seers short story. I am loving being back to writing a first draft again, it feels like its been a long time.

Watch this space for updates on Wishing for Truth Cover and its publication date.

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