Second Sight – Pretty just to be pretty

There were parts of the original version of Second Sight that were sweet, and endearing. But they had no place in the story I wanted to tell, no meaning, they had to go. Making that decision was harder than I’d expected. After all, it had been seven years since I had first written and published it, surly after all that time I would not be so attached it. Wrong.

I don’t think I ever appreciated before how attached I can get to a story. Out of all the three shorts I initially published in 2013, Second Sight was the only one where I had to cut out parts I truly did love. One day, maybe I will get to use these pieces somewhere else, I kept it, just in case.

I am sure that I will come across this again as I write. I hope I can tell the difference between what fits and what is there just because it’s pretty or sweet as I go back to edit, but if I cant, having Beta readers can help.

Beta readers are my first line of defence against making these kinds of mistakes. Having an outside voice looking at the story, asking me why. Why are they there? Why do they matter? Why should I care?

As I work through Wishing for Truths and Earth Bound to edit them, I am continually trying to keep this in the back on my mind. Just because I wrote it in the first draft, does not mean it belongs.

If you want to read Second Sight, it comes out on the 31st of July. You can pre-order it now for only £0.99 at these places –

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Terra’s world is thrown into darkness and the only thing she can see is a death she fears she cannot stop.

​​To have any hope of preventing what’s coming, Terra must learn to stop fighting her past and embrace her gift, but as Seers start dying, is she already too late?

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