Wishing for Truths – Myths, Tales, Legends

There is a vast variety of different and varied Genie stories. Each one gives them their own sets of rules. Some are dark, some funny, and some just straight out weird.

I chose to focus on these two rules for Genies in Wishing for Truths.

  • Three wishes – Each friend gets a wish each
  • Wishes gone wrong – All of their wishes go wrong

But taking pieces of history, or legends can work both ways, everyone knows what a Genie is, they have expectations of what a Genie can do. If I had a Genie, but no wishes, for example, you would feel cheated. If I had a sucubuss virgin, your gona have a lot of questions.

By taking some pieces that are common it lets you get that expectation right. Then you get on with tell the reader what all the other rules are. So now that leprechaun has taken you to that pot of gold, turns out your in Hades and you have to get your own ass out.

When I wrote Wishing for Truths, I did some basic research on Genies, which wasn’t hard, it’s a pretty common myth. I had a lot of fun to put my own spin on Genies. Watching Aladin counts as research, right?

If you think wishes gone wrong sounds like fun, you can pick up Wishing for Truths and find out for yourself why Vaness should have been careful what she wished for -:

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