New and Recent Stories by me

With the chaos of NaNoWriMo I missed a few announcements about free stories of mine that are available.

To be Remembered – Podcast for Alone in a Room with Invisible people – Rebecca read my little flash story beautifully for this spooky edition of the podcast. Listen to it, and a bunch of other authors, below. This podcast has given me a great deal of fantastic writing advice.

3rd Annual Halloween Special: Listener Edition – Episode Two – FINAL AIARWIP Episode

Missing Parts – Blog Hop October – This was an idea that I had for ages before I finally wrote it. Its short, and it was fun to write. Read it and find a link to 12 other Authors below.

Wishing for Truths – Of course had to add this one in here. This is a story about wishes gone wrong and a Genie who isn’t telling the whole truth, served with a dash of Romance. Buy this Short Story now for 99p and join Vanessa as she learns what it means to ‘be careful what you wish for.’

I wanted More + Stuck, Again – Advent Calendar – Last but not least I am part of this year’s advent calendar. Follow alone for December for your chance to read mine, and other authors’ story.

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