Week 9 progress – Highland Rift Pack book 3

week 9

I spent Week 9 working on the Highland Rift Pack series, both the short story for Staci and copy edits for book 3. It went smoothly, with no issues with either story. Which is a delightful change :D. I’m going to spend Sunday going through and doing final edits (hopefully) on the 3 short stories in the book 3 prequel, then I’m back onto the Death and Visions series for a little bit until the proof edit comes back for HRP book 3.

On a publishing note, I did two things this week. The first was to publish the first and second book of the Highland Rift Pack series to Eden books, a romance only book store. If you use this bookstore, you can find links here: Buried by Earth | Bitten by Frost. Additionally, I have temporarily removed extended publishing for my paperback books so I can move to a wider distributer, Ingram Sparks. Unfortunately, this will take up to a month to do. In the meantime, you can still buy the paperback through amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

What did I get done in week 9?

  • Completed the copy edit of book 3 of the Highland Rift Pack and sent it to my proof editor.
  • Edited the last short story for Highland Rift Pack Book 3 Prequel.
  • Published first and second book of Highland Rift Pack to Eden Books.

What’s coming next week?

  • Final Edit of all Short prequels for Highland Rift Pack book 3.
  • Start the edit of book 2 Death and Visions.
  • Look for ARC Readers for Book 3 (More on this soon.
  • Publish Bitten by Frost (Out 8th March).

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