Rift Bloodlines

Rift Bloodlines

Shifters Paranormal Romance 

Book 1 - Buried by Earth

With the pain of past betrayals burying you, how do you learn to trust?

Sam learned at a young age to only rely on herself. It’s safer that way. Because if anyone discovers she was an Earth Elemental, it would mean never having a home again. So, as much as the stunningly handsome Alpha might appeal to her, she can never risk more than just enjoying the view.

As Alpha, Hale has three priorities. Protect the Pack, stop anything escaping the Highland Rift Scar, and above all, never let anyone that’s not a Shifter get too close. Especially when he’d already seen how it had torn apart his own family. Of course, that would be easier if being close to Sam didn’t feel like coming home for the first time in years. 

When the full moon hunt ends with Hale poisoned and stuck as a wolf, that distance becomes even harder to maintain. He soon discovers that someone is targeting the Pack, and by association, Sam. Something his wolf will not tolerate. 

As the situation escalates, Sam is left with a hard choice. Keep her secret, and lose Hale. Or save him, and risk everything. But when her secret has already taken the lives of both her parents, that choice might not be in her hands.

Will they let the weight of their past betrayals bury them, or can they learn to trust each other? Find out in this first book in the Rift Bloodlines Paranormal Romance Series, Buried by Earth.

Book 2 - Bitten by Frost

When you’ve been bitten once, how do you let someone in?

When Amelia’s family sent her north, they thought they were punishing her, but for the first time, she’s free. Both from the family who should’ve protected her and from the arrogant Mate they arranged. Now, she’s never going to let herself be vulnerable again, not even for the frustrating scientist who’s testing her patience and self-control. 

After a lifetime of being told his power over water is useless, Mitchel has lost hope of ever convincing his family he’s anything but a screw up. Until the Highland Rift Scar shows signs of shrinking for the first time since the Rifts closed and he sees his chance to prove himself. But it’s hard to stay on track when the beautiful, but stubborn, wolf Amelia is assigned as his escort. 

Before they can begin their investigation, an accident ends in them both being wounded and off the investigation. But it’s not long before another accident follows, and Amelia realises something more deadly is after her Pack.

As they race to warn their friends, Mitchel’s attempts to prove himself useful only make matters worse, leaving Amelia wondering if Mitchel is as arrogant as the Mate she wanted to escape.

Can Mitchel earn Amelia’s trust? Or will this new threat destroy them both? Find out in the second book in the Rift Bloodlines Paranormal Romance Series, Bitten by Frost. 

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